Join Heartspark Press on an adventure of the heart in 99% Chance of Magic, the world’s first literary collection for transgender children, all written & illustrated by trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary creatives. Our anthology showcases the best creatives of our day, including Misha Lynn Moon, Duna Haller, Clara Mejias, A.K. Blue, Wriply M. Bennet, Sybil Lamb, and more!


Our stories come from a variety of worlds, but one goal connects them all: to cast a protection spell of hope and strength for trans kids everywhere.  “99% Chance of Magic” will feature the following stories: 

A Shapeshifting Spell — written by Misha Lynn Moon & illustrated by Angel Sera — A powerful invocation spell for all gender non-conforming humans about making the world see you in the real way.

99% Chance of Magic — written by Alys S. Brooks & illustrated by Jeanelle Tabaranza— A coming out story about a trans girl named Em who has decided to tell her family a very big secret. (Hint: She’s a witch!)

Valara and the Magic Eater — written by A.K. Blue & illustrated by Caterina Gerbasi — In a society where everything depends on the magic of girls like us, magical girl Valara learns how to embrace the sacred gift that all gender non-conforming humans have inside them.

Can’t Stop the Princess — written & illustrated by Anya L. Archer — Princess Julietta keeps getting sent on dangerous missions because her father, the King, refuses to acknowledge her gender identity. So he gives her one truly impossible task: to slay a dragon! Thankfully, Julietta has other plans. This is a humorous tale that will leave you smiling by the end.

My Story, Wolf — written by Abbey Darling & illustrated by Sybil Lamb — A hilarious retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that centers the Big Bad Wolf as a trans woman blowing down the sticks and bricks that hold her back. Wolf unapologetically mocks contemporary oppressors to teach an important lesson for children and adults alike.

Night Light — written by Duna Haller & illustrated by Clara Mejías — Five deeply connected girls find each other and their gifts while resisting against those who want to keep them apart. Together, they create a new world where they are safe and free. Night Light is the first children’s story that we know of that explores dissociative identity disorder (DID) in an empowering way.

From a Seed Grew a Girl — written by Michelle Gannon & illustrated by Anya L. Archer—  A plant girl, growing tired of living alone underground, climbs to the world above and discovers the beauty and horrors of a strange planet called Earth.

The Sisters from the Stars — written by Amy Heart & illustrated by Wriply M. Bennet — Hailey loves being a girl from the stars, but wishes she knew another eleven-year-old like her. She discovers Violet, a maybe-weirdo who draws magical dragons on her own arms and colors her hair like a mint milkshake. Through the power of out-of-this-world friendship, Violet and Hailey share the wonder of being their very own weirdos, together.

The Unicorn of the Sea and Me — written by Jun Almar’a & illustrated by Clara Emiliana — In a world where everyone lives completely inside their own box, a beautiful friendship develops between two weirdos searching for family. Unicorn is about friendship beyond labels and words, but not beyond love.

Edited by Amy Eleanor Heart & Abbey Darling
Produced by Luna Merbruja