Who We Are

Amy Heart •  Executive Publisher & Founding Member

Amy Heart is a queer storyteller and social justice advocate, dedicated to lifting the voices of trans girls and trans women everywhere.

From 2002 to 2013, Amy worked exclusively in non-profit community television as both educator and community organizer. Since then, she has focused her energy on ‘unlearning’ white supremacy, studying disability justice, building strong relationships with other trans women artists, and helping people become fluent in modern technology. Amy has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and currently resides in her “chosen” hometown of Olympia, Washington.

Sugi Sugi Pyrrophyta • Editor for Heartspark Press & The Resilience Anthology 

Sugi is a queer Filipina woman living in Olympia.

She is against the hegemony that acedemic institutions have on knowledge, specifically the role that capital and obedience to oppressive structures plays in upholding/withholding that institution and its rewards. Sugi has been working most of her life on collecting stories of the lived experience of those most oppressed while attempting to make impossible the powers that hold us down. She knows first-hand and viscerally how hard it is to carve out time/energy to create while fighting every step for her and her friends’ survival. She refuses to dress herself in accolades here because you can do anything, you don’t need a fancy degree or an income or to have been published before; you are the fire that keeps us warm.

Larissa Glasser • Editor for The Resilience Anthology & Founding Member

Larissa Glasser is a librarian and SF writer from Boston.

Her fiction has appeared in The Healing Monsters Volume One and Procyon Press Science Fiction Anthology (2016). She has previously published nonfiction in Harvard Review, The Boston Phoenix, and Maelstrom. She is a Member at Large of Broad Universe, which promotes, educates, and advocates for women writers of speculative fiction, and is an associate member of The Horror Writers Association. She’s on Twitter @larissaeglasser and blogs at https://larissaglasser.com/

Bridget Liang • Consulting Director & Founding Member

Bridget Liang is a mixed race, queer, transfeminine, neurodiverse, disabled, fat fangirl.

They came into their queerness in Hamilton Ontario and co-founded RADAR Youth Group at the LGBTQ Wellness Centre (the Well), the first queer group in a high school in Hamilton, and were instrumental in the passing of an equity policy at at HWDSB.

Bridget is a budding academic, community researcher, workshop and group facilitator, performance artist, and writer. Much of their work revolves around intersectionality and arts-based research. Check out their blog at https://bridgetliang.wordpress.com.

Serafima Mintz • Copyeditor for The Resilience Anthology

Serafima Mintz teaches reading and comprehension in Palm Beach County, Florida. She has been published in Gertrude and the Fine Print, and she writes the zine Even Noisy Sparrows. To contact Serafima, email her here.

Evelyn Yaussy •  Chief Financial Officer & Founding Member