Larissa Glasser (Author)

Larissa Glasser is a librarian and queer genre writer from Boston.

Her fiction has appeared in The Healing Monsters Volume One and Procyon Press Science Fiction Anthology (2016), along with Wicked Haunted: an Anthology by The New England Horror Writers, and Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath (2017).

Her debut novella F4 is forthcoming from Eraserhead Press as part of its long-running New Bizarro Author Series.

Larissa’s writing goals follow certain tenets that took her over a decade of living stealth, playing in death metal bands, and surviving a brain tumor to develop: 1.) to help signal-boost the voices and narratives of her (C)AMAB trans kindred across the universe and beyond, 2.) to defy the trappings of speculative genre literature which never has belonged to one privaleged group of people (especially not white-cis-het dudes) and never will, and 3.) make normies vomit rainbows and free money.

Larissa is a Member at Large of Broad Universe, which promotes, educates, and advocates for women writers of speculative fiction, and is an associate member of The Horror Writers Association. She’s on Twitter @larissaeglasser and blogs at