The Girl from the Stars (Paperback)


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Eight-year-old Hailey has heard her entire life that humans can’t come from the stars. This hasn’t stopped her from believing otherwise. She knows she’s different, but embracing that is almost impossible on a planet where everyone expects you to be somebody you are not.

Scared of her inner light burning out, Hailey runs away from home in search of a new life. Everything changes when she meets her starry godmama, Nebesa. With her help, Hailey takes a journey across the solar system to discover the star that she always was on the inside.


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56, Full Color


"The Girl From the Stars is a new children's book that explores the theme of "otherness" in a powerful way and is destined to become a favorite story for any age. Amy Eleanor is a talented writer and artist whose characterizations will strike a nerve in every child's heart. Any parent of a child who is disabled, transgender, or who in any way could be considered "different," would do well to keep this one on the shelf, as the main character, Hailey, projects agency and power in her ability to navigate the negativity surrounding her. Hailey's heartaches are our own heartaches, and she mirrors any child (or adult) who has ever felt like they didn't belong. A must read."

– Nancy Miller, co-author of Griefland: An Intimate Portrait of Love, Loss and Unlikely Friendship (Globe Pequot, 2012).

"This is not your average kid's book. The Girl from the Stars is full of charming illustrations and whimsical adventures, it has an exciting story with a happy end, it's perfectly pitched to be appealing and enjoyable for kids of all ages, but it also packs an unusual emotional punch. Telling the story of a glowing little girl who comes from the stars, but can't make anyone believe it, Amy Eleanor writes not just about what it's like to be special (all children are special!) but also about what it's like to be different. If you have a kid like this in your life (and if you think you don't, you might need to look harder), The Girl from the Stars is the perfect gift for them."

– Cat Fitzpatrick, author of Glamourpuss (Topside Press, 2016) and editor at Topside Press.