Heartspark Press exists to publish your voice.

Here are a few options to make this happen:

Submit to one of our Collections.

The Children’s Collection V1 –  Are you a trans woman or AMAB non-binary storyteller who dreams of writing great children’s literature? Heartspark Press wants to hear from you. We are working on our first chapter book of kidlit for trans/GNC children, all written by and for girls/people like us. No paired illustrator necessary, just a solid story with heart and hope. 2000 words maximum, but we will make exceptions for the right artist. For this project, e-mail your submissions (Word/PDF) by January 31st, 2018, to Priority given to TWOC and disabled writers. No submission fee required. No previous publishing experience required. Est Publication: July 2018

Resilience IIResilience was our first collection. It is a major and historic publication of 32 (C)AMAB trans writers. We all face different struggles through our lives, and resilience is the unifying theme that connects us all. Here, we can tell whatever stories we want. We invite you to submit all Poetry, Prose, Narrative, Essays – any piece of writing that is around 5000 words or less.  Est Publication: 2019


Publish your own Work through us.

Heartspark Press offers low-cost professional editing, publishing, and promotion to all (C)AMAB trans writers.

  • You’ve been writing for some time and have a backlog of material that you want help sorting through, weaving into a cohesive story. It feels like a tangled mess right now, and maybe it’s not even possible. But there’s these people saying that they’re so into helping you. You’re kicking around the idea of like, getting your work professionally bound, so you can share your story with your new crush without actually having to talk to them. Heck, maybe you could even make a few dollars.
  • You have a book mostly done but want some creative advice. You want some help really polishing it up and getting it ready to push through the gate that leads to the public eye. You want a platform and a community to fall back on as you take the scary step of actually doing it, seeing where the dice fall.
  • You’re an established writer and want to help this new small press that’s doing all these cool things gain some notoriety, a reputation that will help them uplift your sisters’ voices for many years into the future. You have a new piece that you really believe in, but maybe would be a hard sell to the publisher’s you’ve worked with in the past.

These are all very good reasons to talk to us.

A Note about “Rejection” and Capacity

Many of our Staff and Writers have spent much of our lives submitting to journal after journal, publisher after publisher, only to receive back rejection letter after rejection letter. Or worse, silence. It sucks. It’s also part of the life of the Writer. Understand that we don’t want to do this to you, and whenever we can, we won’t. We would much rather meet you where you’re at as a writer, offer our subjective feedback, really dig-in and work with you as we all learn to tell our stories in ways where we can better hear each other.

We won’t always be able to do that. We are a new and tiny publishing collective run mostly by volunteers. We are quickly growing, and can only hope that our capacity to offer services will grow as fast as people coming to us to receive those services. If you’d like to join us in the collective labor of sharpening each other’s voices, contact us.

With all that said, it is important to note that if your submission is not accepted by us for whatever reason, it is mostly likely not a comment on the quality of your work. Art is always subjective and you will find many people who love, and many people who despise, whatever work you put out there. Perhaps your story is too similar to one we’ve already accepted, perhaps your piece doesn’t fit the theme closely enough or weave correctly into the specific story we’re trying to tell. There are a number of reasons for non-acceptance. None of them mean that your work is not important.

Write. Make Art. Break Things.

Sugi Pyrrophyta
Editor at Heartspark Press

please send all submissions to with the subject formatted [Title of Publication – Your Name]