Join Heartspark Press on an adventure of the heart in 99% Chance of Magic, the world’s first literary collection for transgender children, all written & illustrated by trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary creatives.  Our stories come from a variety of worlds, but one goal connects them all: to cast a protection spell of hope and strength for trans kids everywhere.

“99% Chance of Magic”  features twelve stories, including: 

A Shapeshifting Spell — written by Misha Lynn Moon & illustrated by Angel Sera — A powerful invocation spell for all gender non-conforming humans about making the world see you in the real way.

99% Chance of Magic — written by Alys S. Brooks & illustrated by Jeanelle Tabaranza— A coming out story about a trans girl named Em who has decided to tell her family a very big secret. (Hint: She’s a witch!)

Valara and the Magic Eater — written by A.K. Blue & illustrated by Caterina Gerbasi — In a society where everything depends on the magic of girls like us, magical girl Valara learns how to embrace the sacred gift that all gender non-conforming humans have inside them.

Can’t Stop the Princess — written & illustrated by Anya L. Archer — Princess Julietta keeps getting sent on dangerous missions because her father, the King, refuses to acknowledge her gender identity. So he gives her one truly impossible task: to slay a dragon! Thankfully, Julietta has other plans. This is a humorous tale that will leave you smiling by the end.

My Story, Wolf — written by Abbey Darling & illustrated by Sybil Lamb — A hilarious retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that centers the Big Bad Wolf as a trans woman blowing down the sticks and bricks that hold her back. Wolf unapologetically mocks contemporary oppressors to teach an important lesson for children and adults alike.

Night Light — written by Duna Haller & illustrated by Clara Mejías — Five deeply connected girls find each other and their gifts while resisting against those who want to keep them apart. Together, they create a new world where they are safe and free. Night Light is the first children’s story that we know of that explores dissociative identity disorder (DID) in an empowering way.

From a Seed Grew a Girl — written by Michelle Gannon & illustrated by Anya L. Archer—  A plant girl, growing tired of living alone underground, climbs to the world above and discovers the beauty and horrors of a strange planet called Earth.

The Sisters from the Stars — written by Amy Heart & illustrated by Wriply M. Bennet — Hailey loves being a girl from the stars, but wishes she knew another eleven-year-old like her. She discovers Violet, a maybe-weirdo who draws magical dragons on her own arms and colors her hair like a mint milkshake. Through the power of out-of-this-world friendship, Violet and Hailey share the wonder of being their very own weirdos, together.

The Unicorn of the Sea and Me — written by Jun Almar’a & illustrated by Clara Emiliana — In a world where everyone lives completely inside their own box, a beautiful friendship develops between two weirdos searching for family. Unicorn is about friendship beyond labels and words, but not beyond love.

Curated by Amy Eleanor Heart & Abbey Darling
Copyedited by Luna Merbruja & Eyota Wak’ishwit
Produced by Luna Merbruja


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