Cadence B. McCracken - Origin Story (Olympia, WA)
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Cadence B McCracken is queer anarchist coming live to a poetry riot near you. They have been starting shit at poetry slams and in the streets for the past decade on stages throughout the United Snakes. Cadence's work is both deeply personal and politically inflammatory. McCracken's work disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed, and they like it that way. Cadence is a writer, performer, educator and organizer who has performed at poetry slams, high schools, universities and protests in 13 states. A four-time National Poetry Slam competitor, two-time Individual World Poetry Slam representative and founder of Olympia, Washington's spoken word poetry community, Cadence has moved on from slam and now focuses on cultivating radical artistic journalism in communities that have a hunger for art that matters. Cadence is the author of three self-published chapbooks and has been published in Underground Voices, Calliope, and Works in Progress. They live with their partner, daughter, and dog under the gray skies of the Puget Sound.

This was recorded live on July 12, 2019 at Octapas Cafe in Olympia, Washington.