OLYMPIA, WA. (September 7, 2017) — Heartspark Press, a collective press dedicated to lifting the voices of transgender women and AMAB non-binary trans people, announced today the upcoming publication of their first anthology, Resilience.

Featuring over thirty authors and forty short stories, essays, and poems, Resilience is slated to be the largest anthology in print that exclusively features authors that were assigned male at birth and identify as transgender, agender, intersex, or nonbinary. It is scheduled for publication in both hardback and ebook on October 21, 2017.

“As far as we know, there hasn’t been an anthology specifically like this before,” said Executive Publisher and Resilience curator Amy Heart. “Resilience is the largest collection of stories made for and by people like me, from every walk of life across the continent. It is literally the book I needed as a young adult, desperately searching for answers about my identity as a trans woman. This anthology is going to change and save lives.”

The writers featured in Resilience share Amy’s enthusiasm and hope for this unique and important project.

“Being included in the Resilience Anthology is an incredible honor,” said author and Resilience contributor Luna Merbruja. “Many of the authors involved are contemporaries I admire, respect, and have inspired my own writings. This anthology feels like a collective roar, a needed rejoicing, and a celebration of our literary talents during a time that has tried to silence us.”

“Transfeminine folks often face barriers that other trans folks do not face, overrepresented as victims of violent hate crime and underrepresented in living wage jobs,” said Resilience contributor Bridget Liang. “The majority of the people in this anthology are currently struggling with paying for basic survival, and living in poverty. While this book won’t miraculously fix any of our problems, I am hopeful that it will make people more aware and understanding of our experiences.”

On September 22, Heartspark Press will launch their first Kickstarter to help offset the costs of bringing Resilience into print. Pre-orders are also now available at their online shop. For more information, visit their website at heartsparkpress.com or contact Executive Publisher Amy Heart at amy@heartsparkpress.com.

ABOUT HEARTSPARK PRESS: Heartspark Press is a collectively-run printing press that exclusively publishes the literature and oral history of (C)AMAB trans people. Our primary mission is to center the creative voices of transgender girls, transgender women, agender, non-binary, and (coercively) assigned-male-at-birth trans people. Learn more about us at heartsparkpress.com, and visit our oral history archive at heartspark.bandcamp.com.