Listening to Rainn

Written by Nina C. Marin
Illustrated by Jeanelle Tabaranza
Expected Publication: December 2020

Rainn Sylvan-Saberhagen is nervous and excited for hyr first day of school but when a rambunctious group of kids tease hyr on the morning bus ride, hyr whole day goes downhill. Luckily si knows si can rely on hyr loved ones to build hyr back up and remind hyr never to fear being hyrself.

Listening To Rainn is a modern tale with an age-old lesson, written with the struggles of trans and gender nonconforming families at the forefront. Share this story with your loved ones to remind them that they are not alone in their troubles and that they too deserve to share their own unique spark with the world.



Nina Cassadaga Marín is a writer, storyteller, and world-builder from New York.

Nina first experienced the joy of writing in hyr grade school days but has always been a lover of words. Si strives to use hyr personal life experience as a non-binary trans Puerto Rican woman to inform hyr creative endeavors and ease the pain of future generations of trans and queer kids. Si is the author of the forthcoming illustrated picture book, Listening to Rainn, to be published through Heartspark Press and is currently working on a number of other Children’s/YA literature projects.

In hyr downtime, Nina enjoys making music with friends, playing elaborate video games, and hanging out with hyr cat, Tuvok. Si currently resides in Portland, OR.


Jeanelle Tabaranza is an illustrator from the Philippines who spends her time with freelance work and naruto fanart. She is currently trying her best at this adult stuff while looking for various ways on improving her craft, which is inspired by fashion, games and the tv shows she watch. When Jeanelle is not drawing, you can find her watching sitcoms and looking at kpop videos.