Our First Community Town Hall for Trans Women & Non-Binary People!

by Eyota Yates
Community Outreach & Media Coordinator

I am helping facilitate a townhall for trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary people on November 9th. A second date, which will be a weekday, is TBA. Transportation, food, and gift cards are provided for all participants. It’s a townhall wherein data will be collected, experiences will be shared, and people can voice their needs and concerns for the community.

I can’t stress enough how important this event is to the future of trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary people. The goal is to collect data, anecdotes, ideas, desires, and experiences directly from the community to be presented to organizations, agencies, and institutions that can help assure the well-being of trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary people through policies, trainings, grants, and more.

There will be several different ways to communicate one’s input at the event, and the safety, need for anonymity, and general well-being of our participants is most important to us.

While this event is focused in the Thurston County area of WA state, please don’t hesitate to come if you’re a little further out. The only downside is that it’s unlikely we’ll be able to assist with transportation if you’re too far from Thurston County.

The creation of this event arose from a severe need for such data to reflect the reality of our lives and those we know and see suffer. The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey didn’t speak to the needs of this community well enough, and this is where this townhall becomes vital. Our community is suffering from extensive food insecurity, housing insecurity, employment insecurity, extreme violence and transmisogyny, etc. This is a huge step in attempting to change that.

If you’re a trans woman or (C)AMAB non-binary person, please heavily consider coming to this event. We’ll accommodate you in any way possible. Also, feel free to direct message Heartspark Press on Facebook or email hello@heartsparkpress.org with any questions or concerns.

If you’re NOT a trans woman or a (C)AMAB non-binary person, please share this far and wide and with those who you know could benefit. If you want to be a good ally, offer rides to the event or send Heartspark a message on Facebook or through email (the one listed above), letting us know that you’d like to help. When sharing this, please write a description for it, such as “for trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary people,” so that the algorithm shows it to more people.

This has been in the works for a while now, and we’re terribly excited to have you be a part of it. To learn more, visit our Facebook event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2277910165834223.

Thank you!


Eyota YatesEyota is a two-spirited, nonbinary trans woman of Yakama descent–a light-skinned urban NDN. She spent the last decade growing older in Shelton, WA, and it wasn’t until half-way through 2018 when she began consistently staying in Olympia after attending college in the area. However, her introduction to the world of social justice, intersectionality, and community resilience began in late 2014 and bloomed in the later half of 2015 once she found the language to describe the experience and nature of her gender, sexuality, and indigenous background. Learning to dance gracefully with mental health woes and existential dread, she aims to move forward in stride, doing her part to contribute to the cultivation of healthy communities and a brighter future, not only for herself, but for LGBTQ+ and indigenous youth. Now, working in collaboration with Heartspark Press, the liberation of trans girls, trans women, and (C)AMAB non-binary people is another lifelong journey and commitment she has undertaken. When she’s not lost in extensive, contemplative and methodical thought, she loves to draw, write, sing, compose, and take long walks. Sometimes survival is all that can be done, and she tries her best to do so within the confines of today’s indigenous, dystopian reality.