The Resilience Anthology (eBook)


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Take a journey through the worlds of over thirty (C)AMAB* trans writers in what is currently the largest collection of poetry and prose made for and by us. Featuring new work by Luna Merbruja, Magpie Leibowitz, Moss Angel, KOKUMO, Joss Barton, Ariel Howland, Casey Plett, Sascha Hamilton, A.K. Blue, Oti Onum, Rahne Alexander, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Lawrence Walker, Connifer Candlewood, Serafima Mintz, Talia Johnson, Tyler Vile, Lina Corvus, Bridget Liang, erica inchoate, Lillita Lustre, CHRYSALISAMIDST, Ana Valens, Larissa Glasser, Lilith Dawn, AR Rushet and more, including an introduction by Julia Serano!

Curated and Edited by Amy Heart, Sugi Pyrrophyta, and Larissa Glasser
Copyedited by Serafima Mintz
Cover art by Mia Rose Elbo •

The eBook Edition is compatible with PDF, MOBI (Kindle), iBooks, Google Play, Nook, Kobo, and ePub.

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Note: *(C)AMAB means (coercively) assigned male at birth. Our writers featured in this book exist across the gender spectrum, but do not identify with their birth assignment. Many are trans women, but some are genderqueer, non-binary, agender, or all of the above.