Take a journey through the worlds of over thirty (C)AMAB* trans writers in what is currently the largest collection of poetry and prose made for and by us.

Resilience stars a wide spectrum of contemporary transgender women and (C)AMAB non-binary writers, each exploring different worlds across race, class, ability, and gender identity. We’re proud to feature new work from over thirty authors, including forty-one short stories, essays, and poems from so many of our friends (old and new). Our list of authors includes:

Luna MerbrujaKOKUMO • Joss Barton • Magpie Leibowitz • Moss Angel • Ariel HowlandCasey Plett • Sascha Hamilton • Sophia Starheart • A.K. Blue • Rahne AlexanderTobi Hill-Meyer • Lawrence Walker • Connifer Candlewood • Serafima Mintz • Talia Johnson • Oti Onum • Sara Oliver Wight • erica, inchoate • Lillita Lustre • Tyler Vile • Lina Corvus • Bridget Liang • CHRYSALISAMIDST • Ana Valens • Larissa Glasser • Lilith Dawn • AR Rushet • Boudicca Walsh • Rabbi Emily Aviva-Kapor • and an introduction by Julia Serano

“As far as we know, there hasn’t been an anthology specifically like this before,” said Executive Publisher and Resilience curator Amy Heart. “It is the book I needed as a young adult when I was desperately searching for answers about my identity as a transgender woman. This anthology is going to change and save lives.”

Curated and Edited by Amy Heart, Sugi Pyrrophyta, and Larissa Glasser
Copyedited by Serafima Mintz
Cover art by Mia Rose Elbo • http://miaroseelbo.tumblr.com

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