Released October 21, 2016 • Paperback, Hardback and eBook
Written & Illustrated by Amy Heart •  56 pages

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Eight-year-old Hailey has heard her entire life that humans can’t come from the stars. This hasn’t stopped her from believing otherwise. She knows she’s different, but embracing that is almost impossible on a planet where everyone expects you to be somebody you are not.

Scared of her inner light burning out, Hailey runs away from home in search of a new life. Everything changes when she meets her starry godmama, Nebesa. With her help, Hailey takes a journey across the solar system to discover the star that she always was on the inside.


Amy Eleanor Heart is an illustrator and master storyteller from another world.

Since a young age, Amy has never been far away from a pencil and a sketchpad. Her childhood love for visual storytelling has continued throughout her career as a filmmaker and now as an author. For Amy, sharing stories are a crucial and fundamental part of the human experience. She is proud to carry on this sacred tradition in the form of children’s literature.

When not making art, Amy is happily being an auntie to the many beloved children in her life. She currently resides in Olympia, Washington.